The NEUBIE Machine- Cutting Edge Electric Stimulation Therapy

Neubie for Sports Performance

The NEUBIE Device (Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator) is an FDA cleared machine that takes an opposite approach to traditional electric muscle stimulation therapy devices.  While traditional e-stim devices use alternating current (AC), the NEUBIE is most importantly unique as it utilizes pulsed direct current (DC). DC current has unique effects on the body’s tissues, muscles, and nervous…

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When Is It Safe to Exercise After Birth?

Exercise After Birth

Can you exercise after birth? Yes, you can (with some strings attached).  There are several benefits of exercise after delivery. Physical activity relieves postpartum stress, promotes quality sleep, and revives energy. It is equally advantageous for your weakened muscles. Returning to an active routine allows your body and mind to feel its best.  Now the…

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Valentine’s Day – Epic Fail

Valentine's Day Epic Fail

PSA – Be careful out there on Valentine’s Day! You never know when you’ll encounter a situation where you might lose your balance, trip over an unexpected object, or slip on snow and ice. During this time of the year we tend to treat falls and slips of all types, especially the past few weeks.…

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Thanksgiving Charity Drive

Help us reach that goal for those less fortunate today. Share to Facebook, post a picture, and spread the word this holiday season.  Donates accepted in the clinic or Venmo: Specialized-PT 

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