The NEUBIE Machine- Cutting Edge Electric Stimulation Therapy

The NEUBIE Device (Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator) is an FDA cleared machine that takes an opposite approach to traditional electric muscle stimulation therapy devices.  While traditional e-stim devices use alternating current (AC), the NEUBIE is most importantly unique as it utilizes pulsed direct current (DC).

DC current has unique effects on the body’s tissues, muscles, and nervous system to help promote healing, which allows physical therapists to provide a meaningful dose of muscular re-education.  DC fields have been shown to accelerate the body’s own physiological processes of healing, repair, and regeneration, and to have unique effects on the neuromuscular system.

Almost every other electrical stimulation device, such as TENS, uses alternating current. These devices are cheaper and easier to produce, and most people don’t know the difference.    Unfortunately, they won’t have anywhere near the same effect when used in a clinical setting.

Simply put, NEUBIE’s electrical muscle stimulation therapy takes an opposite approach to conventional e-stim devices. Treatments with the NEUBIE are active rather than passive. Traditional e-stim treatments have patients lying down, passively accepting the current and not moving. When other devices are turned up to higher levels, they can negatively affect a patient’s neuromuscular system – causing protective spasms and co-contractions. In contrast, the NEUBIE permits movement, even at intense levels of stimulation, allowing for optimal muscular contractions.

The NEUBIE machine has been shown to have a profound effect on managing acute and chronic pain during countless clinical treatment applications. The NEUBIE can help increase range of motion and blood circulation, prevent muscle atrophy or venous thrombosis after surgery, manage pain, and act as an overall neuromuscular re-education for patients.  These applications make the NEUBIE ideal for helping injured athletes recover as quickly as possible, as well as reducing pain and improving athletic performance. 

Injury Rehabilitation utilizing the Neubie

When recovering from injuries or surgeries, the biggest issue is not usually the original trauma, but how your body responds to that trauma. After an injury or surgery, the brain and nervous system send signals to guard and protect the region around the site of trauma.  And these signals are the reason why it can take days or weeks longer to recover from an injury or surgery. These protective mechanisms may impede blood flow, shut down muscles and prevent movement which can linger for too long, leaving that area of the body more susceptible to further injury. With the NEUBIE machine, we can identify exactly where those neurological barriers are present and break through them on the way to more efficient and effective recovery.

Reduce Pain with the Neubie

Whether chronic or acute, pain is an active output signal from the brain, generated in response to perceived threat. Pain attempts to limit further movement and change your behavior to avoid further damage. Sometimes it is acute pain because of a real injury. However, sometimes pain lingers even after an injury has healed on its own or been surgically repaired. Pain could also occur for other reasons, independent of any injury or trauma. The NEUBIE machine allows us to determine the root of where the pain is coming from and treat it effectively.

Improve Strength & Sports Performance

Neubie Hip Labrum Tear

Athletic Performance is very dependent on the nervous system. Above all else, your brain prioritizes survival and wants to prevent injuries and overuse. That often means limiting your performance and exercise intensity to ensure that you don’t get injured. What does this actually mean? It means that targeted, neurological interventions can make a difference. With the NEUBIE, strategic exercises and mobility drills with large doses of eccentric movement are utilized.  This allows the muscles to become stronger, more pliable, and absorb greater force that amplifies your ability to perform and compete at a higher level.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or surgery, addressing acute or chronic pain, are the average person trying to become stronger, or an athlete striving to accelerate your athletic performance and dominate your sport, the Neubie could be the key to help achieving your goals.

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