Simple Exercises For Better Recovery After ACL Surgery

After ACL surgery, relearning to move and bend and walk can be frustrating, frustrating to the point that you may want to give up. But don’t! With simple exercises, you can take charge of your recovery and build the foundation for a new life of health, fitness, and movement, and get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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How To Prevent Cross Country Running Injuries

Now that fall is nearly here, cross country running injuries appear and can sideline athletes and other distance runners. Some of the most common running injuries are shin splints, tendinitis of the knee, ankle sprains, muscle pull, and stress fractures of the leg.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower back pain exercises can give you relief, but the wrong moves can leave you in even more agony – and possibly send you to the ER. These tips will put you on the road to recovery. Lower back bothering you? Two-thirds of people in the US will have lower-back pain symptoms in their lives,…

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The Best Exercises For Your Age

Exercise can help no matter your age, but your needs change as you get older. Here’s an easy plan to follow at every decade. Select your workout routine carefully, it matters! Each decade is a time to hone in on a particular type of routine that’ll best prepare you for the future. Now is the…

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How Will Rotator Cuff Tear Physical Therapy Help Me?

Rotator cuff tear physical therapy

If you have been experiencing shoulder pain, you may have a rotator cuff tear. This is a very common injury and can be quite painful. The rotator cuff refers to four muscles and tendons responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint. These muscles and tendons attach the shoulder blade to the upper arm bone, the humerus.…

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The NEUBIE Machine- Cutting Edge Electric Stimulation Therapy

Neubie for Sports Performance

The NEUBIE Device (Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator) is an FDA cleared machine that takes an opposite approach to traditional electric muscle stimulation therapy devices.  While traditional e-stim devices use alternating current (AC), the NEUBIE is most importantly unique as it utilizes pulsed direct current (DC). DC current has unique effects on the body’s tissues, muscles, and nervous…

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When Is It Safe to Exercise After Birth?

Exercise After Birth

Can you exercise after birth? Yes, you can (with some strings attached).  There are several benefits of exercise after delivery. Physical activity relieves postpartum stress, promotes quality sleep, and revives energy. It is equally advantageous for your weakened muscles. Returning to an active routine allows your body and mind to feel its best.  Now the…

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How to Create a Home Gym?

How to Create a Home Gym? Can one stay fit and active without going to the gym? Learning how to create a home gym is the first step towards your fitness goals. Most gyms are either closed or partially open (with little or no space). Exercising at home is an excellent alternative to get in…

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