The Do’s and Don’ts of Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower back pain exercises can give you relief, but the wrong moves can leave you in even more agony – and possibly send you to the ER. These tips will put you on the road to recovery. Lower back bothering you? Two-thirds of people in the US will have lower-back pain symptoms in their lives,…

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The Proper Way To Sleep: Your Guide To Sleeping Positions

sleeping positions guide

A good night’s rest should leave you feeling energized and refreshed! But if you are like the majority of us, restlessness and post-sleep aches happen all too often and can really impact your everyday life. The good news is that finding the correct sleeping position and putting into place a few simple changes to your…

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Why Is It Important to Seek Physical Therapy after a Car Accident?

Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

Statistics reveal that approximately 4.4 million automobile drivers and passengers sustain serious injuries after collisions. The fortunate few who might not need immediate medical attention still require effective physical therapy after a car accident. Road accidents can occur because of rough weather, reckless driving, hazards, and other unexpected reasons. You might not be able to…

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Valentine’s Day – Epic Fail

Valentine's Day Epic Fail

PSA – Be careful out there on Valentine’s Day! You never know when you’ll encounter a situation where you might lose your balance, trip over an unexpected object, or slip on snow and ice. During this time of the year we tend to treat falls and slips of all types, especially the past few weeks.…

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Critical Illness Myopathy Physical Therapy

Critical Illness Myopathy physical therapy

Coronavirus or COVID-19, can cause significant musculoskeletal and pulmonary deficits.  Our Critical Illness Myopathy physical therapy program addresses pulmonary issues, musculoskeletal weakness, balance difficulties, all with careful monitoring of symptoms throughout treatment. Many COVID-19 patients face physical challenges and breathing issues weeks after recovery. These problems deter health for several weeks/months and sometimes years if…

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