Critical Illness Myopathy Physical Therapy

Coronavirus or COVID-19, can cause significant musculoskeletal and pulmonary deficits.  Our Critical Illness Myopathy physical therapy program addresses pulmonary issues, musculoskeletal weakness, balance difficulties, all with careful monitoring of symptoms throughout treatment.

Many COVID-19 patients face physical challenges and breathing issues weeks after recovery. These problems deter health for several weeks/months and sometimes years if you don’t intervene.

 Detect issues immediately by answering the following questions:

  • Do you get tired after a short walk?
  • Can you climb stairs?
  • Do you have trouble completing prescribed exercises?
  • Have your endurance levels decreased?

If you said yes, you are at risk of compromising mobility and strength after recovering from the disease.  Prolonged stays in the hospital and isolation increases health complications, making everyday activities difficult for recovering patients.

Our Mission: Using Specialized Physical Treatment Plans to Assist Recovering COVID-19 Patients

Specialized Physical Therapy introduces a customized rehabilitation and recovery treatment program for COVID patients. We incorporate tried and tested techniques to recover lost strength and improve movement.

Research reveals that aging adults and individuals dealing with critical medical conditions are most vulnerable. Yet, everyone has to confine themselves in isolation when they contract the disease. The severity of the infection and various health factors determine how well your body copes with the disease.

Apart from natural immune health and environmental elements, monitored physical therapy aids many during recovery.

Here is where we can lend a hand.

As trusted physical therapists in NJ, we have set health goals and objectives for our special Critical Illness Myopathy Rehabilitation and Recovery Program.

These include:

  • Improved lung capacity and optimal breathing rates
  • Addressing mobility and dexterity issues (such as stiff joints, imbalanced gait, and misaligned posture).
  • Boosting endurance and stamina.
  • Building lost muscle and bone strength.
  • Promoting ADL (Activities of Daily Life) independence amongst senior patients.
  • Teaching coping techniques to limit complications.

We develop a coordinated treatment plan that covers primary aspects of recovery along with tackling individual challenges.

Introducing Our COVID-19 Rehabilitation & Recovery Program

3-Steps to Success

Our trained specialists focus on pulmonary problems along with other therapy goals. We also look at past medical records and consult primary healthcare providers whenever required. These actions enable us to create holistic treatment plans.

Here is an overview of what happens at our physical therapy clinic:

Step 1: Physical Assessment 

We will conduct several physical assessments to observe vital signs. These include checking blood pressure, breathing, coordination/gait, chest wall mobility, etc.  We will assess your overall strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, and have you perform various activities and exercises to see how your body responds to strain and external factors.

Step 2: Personalized Physical Therapy & Respiratory Rehabilitation  

We focus on pulmonary rehabilitation and physical therapy to support lung and respiratory rehabilitation. Each technique targets specific points to expand the diaphragm stretching and recondition our muscles. Consistent exercise aid breathing and strengthens muscles surrounding the heart and lungs.

  • Our stretching techniques can control breathing mechanics and promote improved lung capacity.
  • We teach customized corrective exercise to reform misaligned posture.
  • Muscle strengthening exercises to increase stamina.
  • You learn various cardio and aerobic exercises to improve heart health and respiratory functions.
  • We provide practical advice to increase everyday activity depending on your progress.

Our guided Critical Illness Myopathy physical therapy and regular checkups efficiently limit COVID-induced distress. They also promote optimal lung health, support general movement, and stabilize abnormal breathing.

Step 3: Adaptable Treatment Plans

We upgrade our Critical Illness Myopathy rehabilitation therapy strategies to integrate the latest techniques and medical developments.  We also increase patient-awareness through informative training sessions.

You can learn how to:

  • Reduce panic and anxiety when you face health complications.
  • Manage COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Conserve energy and stamina through coping techniques.
  • Perform at-home exercises.

With our help, you learn how to modify your exercises according to your specific needs and physical symptoms.

If you want to learn more about Critical Illness Myopathy physical therapy and COVID-19 treatment to optimize your breathing and strength, give us a call @ 201-773-8851 or book an initial consultation session with us today.

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