6 Tips on How to Prevent an Overuse Injury

The warm weather encourages many of us to head outside and get some exercise, but sometimes running too far, or cycling too long, can lead to an overuse injury.  Something as simple as changing your footwear or changing your running route can help limit overuse syndrome. These tips below help you stay healthy and prevent an overuse injury:

1) Gradually increase your mileage or training by about 10% each week

2) Perform some light walking, jogging, or stretching prior to exercise to help loosen and elongate the muscles

3) Stay hydrated!  You this over and over again, but a dehydrated muscle can easily lead to a strained muscle and sprained ligament.  Exercising in 95 degrees for an hour can cause you to lose a GALLON of fluid!

4) Change footwear regularly.  Running sneakers can last anywhere form 250-400 miles depending upon body weight, running style, foot structure, but overall make sure you maintain your footwear in proper form

5) Change your workouts up!  Don’t get stuck in a rut by running the same route or performing the same workout routine. Mix it up with interval training, stair workouts, or other activities to keep your activities fresh and new

6) REST!  Make sure to take off 1-2 days/week.  Your body needs rest as much as it needs exercise.

These quick pointers should make you less prone to overuse injuries.  If you still find you’re developing some aches and pains, stop in for a consult today.

At Specialized Physical Therapy, we strive to provide excellent care and craft a treatment plan specifically for you. Give us a call today and be prepared to explain your symptoms and condition in as much detail as possible.