Labrum Tear Shoulder Treatment

Shoulder Labrum Tear

A shoulder labrum tear can be painful. It may limit movement, strength and restrict athletic activities. Leading causes include degenerative issues, wear and tear, and traumatic shoulder injury. Its debilitating effects can impact everyday activities and sports performance. Many times labrum tear shoulder treatment can decrease pain, increase active range of motion, and improve functional capacity…

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Physical Therapy After Shoulder Replacement

Therapy after a shoulder replacement surgery can be intimidating, but rest assured that the physical therapists at Specialized Physical Therapy make it their goal to create a relaxed and effective experience for you to get back to your life. Symptoms Common symptoms leading to a shoulder replacement surgery include shoulder pain, stiffness, clicking or feeling…

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Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a fairly common problem that stems from various underlying causes. Severe shoulder pain can lead to immobility in the shoulder joint and your arm movement. This, in turn, has a drastic impact on the quality of your life. We strongly recommend that you consult one of our physical therapists Dan, Michael, or…

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Shoulder Impingement & Instability

Shoulder impingement & instability can cause very uncomfortable symptoms and if left untreated could cause greater problems. Thankfully, this diagnosis can be addressed with physical therapy. Shoulder instability refers to a condition where the shoulder joint lining or ligaments are stretched or detached. As a result, the ball of the shoulder joint becomes loose and…

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Shoulder Arthritis Physical Therapy

Shoulder arthritis can significantly restrict movement and disrupt your quality of life. Early signs include shoulder pain, a clicking/cracking sound, and stiffness in the shoulder joint.  The condition worsens as wear and tear increases.  Specialized Physical Therapy helps patients manage shoulder pain and related symptoms through targeted shoulder arthritis physical therapy. The treatment might not…

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Shoulder Bursitis Treatment

Shoulder Bursitis

Shoulder bursitis can be a painful condition due to inflamed bursae. Bursae are small fluid-filled sacs that cushion the tendons, muscles, and bones near the joints. Bursae reduce friction between the moving parts of your body. They are lined with synovial cells, which secrete proteins and collagen. The synovial fluid functions as a lubricant for…

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Rotator Cuff Tear Physical Therapy

Neubie Hip Labrum Tear

Torn rotator cuff symptoms include shoulder pain, limited movement, and weakness in joints. This condition is commonly caused by acute shoulder injuries or severe wear and tear of the shoulder joint.  Its debilitating impact makes everyday movements challenging for patients. Specialized Physical Therapy offers rotator cuff tear exercises and treatment plans to support natural recovery…

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Multiple Sclerosis Physical Therapy

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) targets the central nervous system (i.e. the brain and spinal cord). Its debilitative effects lead to muscle pain, balance and coordination issues, and cognitive problems. In severe cases, MS can turn into a lifelong disability without treatment. How does Multiple Sclerosis physical therapy help? Visit our facility to receive personalized physical therapy…

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Adhesive Capsulitis Treatment

Stiff and swollen shoulders are a common sign of adhesive capsulitis (or frozen shoulder). Over time, the pain increases and can limit movement affecting activities of daily living in the targeted area.  Specialized Physical Therapy can help reverse the effects of  frozen shoulder with targeted adhesive capsulitis treatment Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that…

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