Can Physical Therapy Help for Knee Pain?

According to the Institute of Medicine Report in 2011, 100 million adults were reported to suffer from chronic pain and the CDC states that 15.1% of those reported that knee pain as the cause for their chronic pain. With knee pain responsible for such a large number of people suffering with chronic pain, it’s important to know when and how you can seek treatment. 

Physical Therapy is an effective tool for treating knee pain, injuries, and surgery rehabilitation.

Here are some instances seeking a physical therapist might be beneficial:
1. When it is difficult for you to find or maintain your balance.
2. When you experience knee pain after sitting or standing for a period of time.
3. When you have significant stiffness in the knee joint after maintaining a position (such as a bent knee) for a period of time.
4. If you have knee pain upon flexing/extending the knee or during regular movement.
5. If you experience “giving way” or “locking up” in your knee.

These are just a few of the symptoms that make considering physical therapy for knee pain a good idea. You may want to seek medical advice from your primary physician to determine if there are other treatment options better suited for your condition. In some cases, physical therapy can be used to prevent or prepare for surgery as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.

When deciding upon a physical therapist for your knee pain, it’s important to note their specialties.  A physical therapist who specializes in orthopedic injuries is more likely to have the experience and expertise you need for effective, efficient treatment.

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