Exercising After COVID Quarantine

3 Ways to Stay Fit After Quarantine According to Physical Therapists

Are you planning on working out after COVID quarantine as much as possible?

As physical therapists, our phone is ringing off the hook as the lockdown slowly lifts in NJ and surrounding areas. People wanted to know when they could start therapy. Others are curious about underlying health issues.

We are willing to answer personal questions during a one-on-one consultation. If your questions are more general, then these self-help tips might help. They teach you different ways to stay fit after quarantine.

Here is everything you need to know:

How to Keep Exercising After COVID Quarantine?

Our in-house physical therapists’ breakdown activities that help you get back into shape.

Here are three things you should do:

Breath in the Fresh Air

Many of us missed the great outdoors during the lockdown. You can plan a solo road trip or a mini-staycation if you live near valleys, mountains, and nature resorts. These places are an ideal way to unwind after staying cooped inside your home for months.

They also give you an opportunity to bike, trek, and hike while you explore the area. You can continue this fitness regime by regularly visiting the park. There you can take in the fresh air, run or powerwalk for an hour or two.

However, remember to double the distance when somebody approaches. The pandemic is still at large, and you don’t want this outing to be a cause for the illness.

Stick to Your At-Home Routines 

Months of quarantine led to virtual training, coaching, and consultation. People also went back to old school fitness gear like jump ropes. The end of lockdown doesn’t require you to retreat to an inactive lifestyle.

It would help if you continued the momentum to stay fit and active. If daily exercise is not possible, you can compensate it with weekend workout routines.

However, that does not mean hitting the gym owing. It is essential to take necessary precautions to mitigate risks. You can always improve with simple exercise equipment and suitable gym equipment for your homes. They will allow you to stay in shape while keeping you safe.

We also suggest learning breathing exercises that increase lung capacity and optimize pulmonary functions.  These routines will strengthen your muscles and improve breathing. It is an excellent way to prevent a COVID-10 relapse and strengthen your body to fight off the infection if you contract it.

Join a COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program

At Specialized Physical Therapy, we are conducting COVID-19 rehabilitation and recovery programs. It is highly beneficial for coronavirus patients who are recovering from the disease. After examination, we will design a personalized rehabilitation plan for you. We will keep you motivated for exercising after COVID lockdown.

It will include exercises and movements that will expand your lung capacity, open channels for breathing, and improve pulmonary health. Our program features everything from cardio, aerobics to diaphragm stretching techniques. We also monitor vital signs and track your progress to safeguard your health.

Individuals who require professional assistance and want to know how to stay fit after quarantine are welcome here. We can teach you how to retain resistance and maintain optimal health.

It’s a Wrap

In the end, if you’re ever in doubt, our doors are open for you. We can teach you how to stay fit after quarantine can be easy. You can do this by combining gym workouts, outdoor activities, and virtual training.

Alternatively, you can strengthen your body through pulmonary and breathing exercises.  Not only will they keep you fit, but they keep you calm too.

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Need help working out after COVID quarantine? Our physical therapists answer your question with these tips.