Post Concussion Syndrome Treatment

Many people are familiar with the diagnosis of concussions, as it is one of the more talked about injuries in current sport news. A concussion is an injury to the brain, resulting from a trauma to the head. It can affect multiple aspects of one’s health. Post Concussion Syndrome includes the multiple symptoms that linger for more than a few weeks after the initial occurrence of the concussion.

Post Concussion Syndrome Symptoms

Our brain is the center control for the functioning of our various systems. A severe injury to the brain may affect the vestibular system (balance), cognition (thinking), mood, cervical spine (neck), and overall conditioning. In other words, your Post Concussion Syndrome symptoms may cause you to feel confused, sensitive to light, have difficulty remembering things, anxious, dizzy, have headaches, and unable to perform your normal school or work activities.


The brain sits inside your skull, cushioned by a cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is what helps to prevent your brain against any damage during normal situations, such as jumping when the brain may move back and forth. Concussions are due to direct blows to the head, neck, or shoulders,, such as during contact sports, falling, and car accidents.

During a concussion, the brain forcefully slides back and forth in the skull. The skull is a rigid cavity holding the brain and when there is excessive movement, there is a high chance for injury. The base of the skull has many ridges and convolutions and when the brain shifts back and forth, often times the ridges will create a shearing force against the base of the brain causing severe injury.

It is extremely important to see a health-care professional after experiencing any head injury


Your physical therapist will perform a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of your vision, reflexes, balance, coordination, strength, memory, recall, and your ability to maintain concentration. Your therapist will inquire information regarding previous injuries and/or concussions, the details surrounding the current injury, and the events that occurred after the concussion. All of these details and observations will better guide the Post Concussion Syndrome physical therapy treatment plan.

Post Concussion Syndrome Treatment and Exercises

Post Concussion Syndrome treatment requires close supervision and knowledge of the most up to date research, as treatment techniques are constantly changing. You can rest assured in that the physical therapists at Specialized Physical Therapy are prepared to safely guide you back to health and sport with personalized exercise programs.

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