Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation before a surgery, such as a total joint replacement or knee meniscus repair, can make a major difference in your recovery post surgery. Those who participate in pre surgical rehabilitation tend to make quicker and more successful recoveries. Upon your initial evaluation, your therapist will take a thorough history and assess your baseline range, strength, mobility, and function. Your therapist will then create the most effective plan of care within your time frame. Pre surgical rehabilitation will focus on increasing muscle strength and gaining as much range of motion as possible and tolerated.

Post surgical rehabilitation will involve a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms, including questions to understand your pain pattern, history of symptoms, how your symptoms affect your function throughout the day, and your goals. Next, your therapist will perform a thorough examination of your joint mobility, strength, muscle flexibility, scar healing and skin integrity.

After careful examination, your physical therapist will create a personalized program to create a program aimed to reach your goals after your surgery. The program will involve manual therapy and exercises to safely improve the flexibility and mobility of your shoulder, improve strength of the surrounding muscles, reduce pain, and teach you ways to manage the symptoms so you can get back to doing what you love.

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