Ergonomic Assessment

Poor posture and prolonged hours at a desk can lead to musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive motion injuries, cumulative trauma injuries, etc. Early symptoms include a dull ache in the targeted area, reduced range of motion, and swelling. At Specialized Physical Therapy, we conduct an ergonomic assessment to optimize your home and workplace setup. A proper sitting posture at a desk and other adjustments can promote physical health and wellbeing.

Ergonomics is a branch of science that studies the interaction between humans and their environment. The assessment allows experts to design an optimal work environment through goal-oriented adjustments.

Ergonomic risk factors vary from place to place. Sitting in one position for prolonged periods, repetitive movement, and poor posture are amongst the many causes of these injuries. Most common health concerns include wrist pain, stiff neck, back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and other trauma injuries.

Early intervention through an ergonomic workstation set up or practicing proper sitting posture at a desk can prove beneficial. Our physical therapists produce these results by conducting a detailed analysis of your work environment. Their personalized suggestions and practical solutions can save you from years of pain and improve overall wellbeing too.

The Symptoms of Ergonomic Injuries

Common signs and symptoms of ergonomic injuries include:

  • A dull ache that turns into a sharp/burning sensation over time
  • Stiff and tight muscles
  • Numb or tingling sensation
  • Swollen/inflamed muscles 
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Continuous back pain

The Causes of Ergonomic Dysfunction

The typical causes of ergonomic injuries include:

  • Cumulative Trauma Injuries (CTIs):

It’s the result of excessive wear and tear of muscles, tendons, and sensitive nerve tissue causes by repeated movements.

  • Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

These affect muscles, tendons, nerves, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs.

  • Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMIs)/Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs)

Repetitive movements (i.e. typing, scanning, using hand tools) can place undue pressure on muscles, tendons, joints, and nerves. In turn, this can lead to continuous muscle pain and stiffness.

Our ergonomic assessment aims to reduce the risk of these injuries by adjusting the workplace setting.

Ergonomic Assessment 

Ergonomic assessments evaluate the workstation setup and consider how it affects pain patterns and posture. Our physical therapists review your overall environment and ask diagnostic questions.  These include questions about how you sit, work and move when you are at your desk.

We also discuss how your daily practices affect your physical health. Understanding behavior, position, and medical history make it easier to personalize the ergonomic workstation setup.

Our physical therapists are willing and eager to visit your home office and workplace for in-person assessments. If required we can conduct an offsite assessment through photographs and videos of your office space.

The Solution: Ergonomic Workstation Setup   

After evaluation, we re-organize your workspace for optimal positioning. Our suggestions include supporting a proper sitting posture at the desk. We also look into desk space areas, adjust seating arrangement, and the position of your mouse, keyboard, etc. These modifications are based on specific parameters such as desk habits, height, job activities, and current symptoms.

These changes can reduce neck, wrist, elbow, low back pain, muscle stiffness, and improved range of motion. You shall also learn how to maintain a proper sitting posture for prolonged periods.

Benefits for Organizations

Companies can also benefit from hiring a physical therapist to develop an ergonomic workstation setup. It can reduce workplace injuries and maximized productivity. Workers can also feel an overall improvement in physical and mental health after they adjust to the new environment.    

Consequently, it can decrease employee absenteeism and boost team morale.

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