Back School

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for visits to physical therapy for Back School. Back pain, Sciatica, and Spinal Stenosis can stem from a multitude of causes and if left untreated, can be the cause of a greater number of issues and pain.

Back School & Lumbar Exercises

When you attend physical therapy, your therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation to assess your symptoms and causes. Following the evaluation, you will begin what is known as “back school.” Back school is an umbrella term for the following services listed below. The program is designed to educate you on your condition, reduce your symptoms, help you to achieve independence with home exercises, and restore you to your prior level of function.

– Description of anatomy and its relation to your diagnosis.

– Postural assessment, training, and strengthening.

– Core strengthening and stabilization.

– Leg strengthening.

– Back strengthening.

– Lifting techniques.

– Home exercise review.

– Education on how to set up your workstation and home for optimal posture.

At Specialized Physical Therapy, we like to keep the focus to ‘hands on therapy,” so in addition to the above outlined services we perform various manual therapy techniques specific to your needs. Examples of manual techniques include soft tissue massage, stretching, and joint mobilizations, all tailored to your tolerance and particular diagnosis.

Learning the proper exercises is a key component of treatment for back pain.  Physical therapists will demonstrate and review the correct techniques, encouraging contraction the core (abdominal muscles) whi9le limiting strain on the back muscles.

Back school encompasses all important aspects for recovery. However, our ultimate goal is to get you back to doing what you like, whether that is a sport or hobby. Towards the end of your course of treatment, your therapist will begin to incorporate sport and functionally specific exercises to get you ready for discharge.

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