How to Shovel Properly and Prevent Back Pain During Shoveling

It is so important to use the proper techniques when shoveling, to help prevent injuries, especially to your hips and back. The techniques in this video are relevant to all kinds of shoveling, not just snow and we hope they help.

Proper snow shoveling techniques go a long way helping to prevent injuries such as lumbar strains, sprains, herniated discs, and possibly the worst of all, sciatica. 

Using a shovel properly to prevent low back pain consists of a few main pointers:

– Lift from your knees, not your back

– Keep your back straight and minimize rotating your low back

– Throw the snow to your left and right, do not favor one side

Proper ergonomics and shoveling the correct way will help prevent low back injuries.  No matter if you’re shoveling snow, dirt, or other material, these tips will help your prevent low back pain.

If for any reason you have injured yourself shoveling, please give us a call and come and see us at Specialized Physical Therapy. Dan, Mike, and Diana along with their entire staff are here to help. Learn more about our services and what we treat here at Specialized Physical Therapy.